Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spirit Store today at 3pm

I'm speaking at the Spirit Store today from 3-5. I'll be discussing this year's tweak and what's on and how to get involved
Admission is free and all are welcome.
Events are on every day, for the full schedule please check out


TWEAK is an international interactive art and live electronic music festival taking place in Limerick City
between the 21st and 26th of September 2009. Its aim is to promote an understanding of the use of
technology within our culture and to explore contemporary issues.
To find out more about the festival come to the Spirit Store today at 3-5 where director Nora O' MurchĂș will speak about the festival

Nora O' MurchĂș is a researcher, curator and Ph.D. candidate at the Interaction Design Centre in the University of
Limerick. Her current research focuses on the design of open-ended interactive systems and how open source
communities can offer unique insights for the development of these interactive systems for the Interaction
Design Community.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (see full programme at bottom of the page)

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