Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tweak After Party

Tweak After Party
9pm Saturday 26th Bentley’s courtyard
Help us say goodbye to Tweak and join us for our after party in Bentley’s courtyard.
Entrance is on Post Office Lane.
Wear your Sunday best! (Alternative Black Tie)
€10 Tickets are limited.
Eraser + Ape5 (IT): Future Sounds Like Past Toys
Kevin Blake

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Digital Slaves!

Digital Slaves at 8pm at the Hunt Museum for Culture night!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Invitation to Tweak

You are invited

To "re:act"
Tweak 2009 Exhibition Opening
Opening Speech: K Bear Koss, Director of the Irish Museum of Contemporary Art
Monday 21st September 2009
7pm - 9pm
At the Church Gallery, LSAD, Clare Street

Interaction Design Centre
University of Limerick
Incubation Centre
Arts Council
Shannon Consortium
HEA FutureComm

Tweak featured artist: Ryan Jordan

Ryan's exploration of sound and music performance with computers lead to the development of his prototype MIDI controller, the M.G.I (Movement and Gesture Interface) which was an attempt at bringing a more physical performance element to laptop and computer music.

He now works in the intersection of the arts and sciences and explores and develop systems which merge all medias together through the physical augmentation of the body as a controlling device for computational applications. He is the founder of the Sensory Response Systems group.

To find out more about Ryan click here to visit his website.

Tweak is taking place from 21st to 26th of September. Click here for more information.

Tweak featured artist: Pierre Proske

Pierre is an Australian artist intrigued by the pervasiveness of technology in culture and its relationship to nature. After years of juggling parallel interests in technology and the arts, Pierre tired of the schizophrenia and finally discovered that it was socially acceptable, in fact highly desirable, to merge the two. Consequently he has taken on the ambitious task of rendering computers accountable to our sometimes misplaced but inevitable humanity.

Having studied Electrical Engineering and Liberal Arts at the University of Melbourne, Australia, Pierre then spent three and a half years in Sweden where he developed a body of work and obtained a Master in Art and Technology from Chalmers University.

Proske's work involves exposing the unspoken relationships we have with technology to and harnessing machines into exploring new aesthetics. Both resisting and exploiting modern techno-utopian trends, Proske employs humour and a whiff of self-deprecation as weapons against the invasion of computer augmented realities. Alongside electronic art projects he also works as a sound designer and electronic musician. He has exhibited or performed in Australia, Sweden, Canada, Iceland, Brazil, Japan, Austria and the Netherlands.
Pierre alternates living and working in Europe and Australia.

To find out more visit this website.

Tweak featured artist: Brock Craft

Brock is a researcher at the London Knowledge Lab (Institute of Education), where he is working on problems in visualization, physical computing, and design. Currenty, his work is on the Learning Design Support Environment, a user-centred sysytem to help teachers design and plan learning activities.

He is also a Senior Interaction Designer at Tinker.it! where there is a focus on bridging the digital and physical worlds with interactive technology.

He has worked on a range of consulting projects in both User Experience and Information Design/Analysis.

To find out more about Brock visit his website.